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Using TurboActivate

TurboActivate wizardTurboActivate is the part of LimeLM you include with your app, allowing you to add online and offline activation. TurboActivate comes in 2 parts: the library and the wizard. The TurboActivate library must be included with your application to add trial support along with serial number and online activation protection to your app.

The TurboActivate wizard is completely optional but recommended. It's a pre-written activation wizard (like you see when you install Microsoft Office) that you can include with your app. Read more about using the TurboActivate wizard.

Use any programming language

You can integrate TurboActivate with any language and any program that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Here are some tutorials:

If you're making a Mac OS X or Linux app you should also check out these articles:

You can also integrate TurboActivate within your installer:

Need to integrate TurboActivate with another language and you're not sure how? Ask us on the forum.

Requirements for TurboActivate

TurboActivate works on Windows Vista through Windows 11, macOS (Mac OS X), Linux, and BSD:

There are no external dependencies. Also, TurboActivate works on the following CPU architectures: