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Licensing multiple products per process

This article will teach you how to license multiple products (or plugins) within a single process. This article presumes you've already read the "Getting started with LimeLM" article and you've already added TurboActivate and/or added TurboFloat to your app.

Whether you're using TurboActivate or using TurboFloat, there are 2 ways to license multiple "products" or plugins within the same app:

  1. Use custom license fields

  2. Use separate product keys

Use custom license fields

The easiest way to distinguish between multiple products or plugins within the same app is to use custom license fields. This way a customer can buy a single product key from you, activate the key, and if they decide to buy separate in-app subscriptions, plugins, or products, you can enable them in a customer license field and the customer can see them & all without forcing the customer to use/activate another product key.

We have two examples with code-samples in the customer license fields article:

  1. Example #1: Optional components

  2. Example #2: SaaS or time limited restrictions

Use separate product keys

If you would rather give product keys separate product keys for every "product" or "plugin" within your running process, then this is the process:

  1. Create a new product or product version in LimeLM.

  2. Make a note of the Version GUID and download the TurboActivate.dat file.

  3. In your app, create a new TurboActivate instance (in C#/VB.NET/Java and other languages) or create a new "handle" if you're using C/C++.

  4. Use that separate TurboActivate instance (for C#/VB.NET/Java/etc.) or separate "handle" if you're using C/C++ to control that "separate" product within your app.

Of course, this option is more involved and requires more work on your end and your customer's end to accomplish the same thing as the more convenient custom license fields.