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wyBuild is the complete automatic updating & patching solution. Included in the wyBuild installer is wyBuild (to design & build updates), wyUpdate (the open source updater program), and the AutomaticUpdater.

Download wyBuild 2.6.18 (latest changes). Learn about wyBuild »


LimeLM is the hassle free online activation & licensing solution for Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD. If you have a LimeLM account you can download TurboActivate and the Web API. If you don't already have a LimeLM account you can signup for a 30-day free trial.

You can view the latest changes in TurboActivate. Another way to license your app is to use floating licenses (a.k.a. concurrent licensing — another form of hardware-locked licensing). Read more about it in "Using TurboFloat". You can download all of the TurboFloat binaries on your API page. Here is a selection of the most popular downloads:

View the latest changes in TurboFloat. Learn about LimeLM, TurboActivate & TurboFloat »

In addition to integrating TurboActivate with your app, you can also integrate LimeLM in your backoffice and website using the web API. For a collection of examples showing how to use the web API, get the web API pack:

Read the changes in the web API. Also, view the list of all LimeLM web API functions.

Open source projects

wyDay has many open source projects, including 2/3 of wyBuild.


wyUpdate is the standalone updater that's created with wyBuild. Checkout the source code from our git repository.


The AutomaticUpdater can be used with any .NET app as a way to fully automate the update process. Checkout the source code from our git repository.

Windows 7 Progress Bar

Windows 7 Progress Bar is an open source progress bar component that lets you use all the features of a Vista and Windows 7 progress bars (including the taskbar button progress).

Download Windows 7 Progress Bar v1.0 source code (read the latest changes).


VistaMenu is a menu component that allows you to add Windows 7 and Windows Vista-style menus with icons to your program.

Download VistaMenu v1.8 source code (read the latest changes).


SplitButton is a button control with a region that shows a context menu when clicked.

Download SplitButton v2.1 source code (read the latest changes).


LinkLabel2 is a fixed version of the Windows.Forms LinkLabel control.

Download LinkLabel2 v2.3 source code (read the latest changes).


CueSharp is an open source cue sheet parser library written in C#.

Download CueSharp v0.5 source code (read the latest changes).


Panel2006 is an open source container component for use in .NET programs.

Download Panel2006 v1.6.2 source code (read the latest changes).