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LimeLM: Hassle free licensing & online activation

Use LimeLM to add hardware-locked licensing, online activation, and timed trials to your app.

You can add this licensing to any app that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux no matter what programming language you use.

Screenshot of the TurboActivate Wizard in Windows
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For Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

wyBuild: Automatic updating & make patches

Use wyBuild to make update patches and get them to your users fast.

Using the open source updater, wyUpdate, you can update your app no matter what language you used (C++, Delphi, Java, C#, VB.NET, etc.). You can silently check for updates to GUI apps and silently update Windows Services.

If you're making a .NET app use the AutomaticUpdater to add full automatic updating to your app.

All this and more is in wyBuild. wyBuild simplifies the entire updating experience. Learn more about wyBuild »

Watch the wyBuild intro

Watch the intro video (5:35) »

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