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Your dashboard: manage your products easily

You can manage all of your products with just a few simple clicks.
Add new products, add and edit trials, view account activity and much more.

LimeLM dashboard

Adding new products and versions is simple

Adding new products & versions takes only a few seconds.

Add new version

Make product keys one-by-one or in bulk

When you create your product keys you can associate the customer's email for easy searching later.
Plus, create as many custom license fields as you need.
You can use these fields from inside your app, using the web API, or just for back-office purposes.

Create product keys with custom feature values

Add custom license fields

Add license fields that you can use within TurboActivate and the Web API.
Add as many fields as you need to limit features in your app, or license per-component.

Adding a new custom license field

Product key overview

View and edit the email and all custom license fields associated with the product key.
You can deactivate computers remotely or even revoke the whole product key with a single click.

Revoke product keys & monitor activations

Add, view, and search for product keys

You can browse through all your product keys,
search for existing keys and make new keys.

Add, view, and search for product keys

Use TurboActivate to add Online Activation to your app

With TurboActivate you can add online activation to your app
like you see in Microsoft Office or Windows

Use TurboActivate to add Online Activation to your app

Works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD

TuroActivate works with all programming languages on Windows, macOS (Mac OS X), Linux, and BSD.
There are no external dependencies — TurboActivate is not just easy to use, but small and fast as well.

Works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Examples for all the popular programming languages

Use the real-world example source code for integrating TurboActivate with your app.
TurboActivate works with all languages (C#, VB.NET, C++, Java,
JavaScript (NodeJS), Python, and many, many more) with no external dependencies.

TurboActivate works with all modern platforms

Timed trials & trial extensions

Add timed trials to your app, letting prospective customers try your application for a limited time.
You can generate trial extensions easily — never lose a customer due to an expiring trial.

Generate a trial extension

Offline activation

You can also add offline activation (i.e. manual activation) to your app.
This allows your customers on closed networks to activate (banks, power plants, military, etc.)

Generate a trial extension

Automate purchases & full integration

Use our LimeLM web API to automate purchases & renewals from your customers.
We have examples for PHP & ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET) so you can get up an running in minutes.

Payment integration example