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Help with wyBuild, wyUpdate & AutomaticUpdater

This is a collection of tutorials ranging from the introductory to advanced. In these tutorials you'll find everything you need to know about releasing your product updates to your users.

If you have any questions or comments, drop by the forum (no registration is required).

Getting Started

Install wyBuild: How to install wyBuild and advanced installation techniques for installing wyBuild across your company.

Video Tutorial: Learn how to use wyBuild to create tiny update patches, include wyUpdate with your application, and integrate the AutomaticUpdater control with your .NET app.

Step-by-step walkthrough: Learn how to use wyBuild, add the updater (wyUpdate) to your app, and how to test your first update.

New release workflow: This article covers the step-by-step process to releasing updates for your app using wyBuild.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ): Some frequently asked questions about wyBuild, wyUpdate, and the AutomaticUpdater control.

Executing files: How to execute files before and after your updates have installed.

Registry changes when updating: Learn how to create & remove registry keys and values as part of your update.

Distribute wyUpdate: How to include wyUpdate with your program.

Translate wyUpdate: Quick tutorial on creating and editing translation in wyBuild that you can then distribute with wyUpdate.

How to Silently Check for Updates: Learn how to silently check for updates in your app.

How to Silently update Windows Services: Learn how to silently update Windows Services.

Requirements: Requirements for wyBuild, wyUpdate, and the AutomaticUpdater control.

Automatic Updater

AutomaticUpdater control intro: An introduction to the free AutomaticUpdater .NET control included with wyBuild. You can also get the latest source code release here.

Tutorial for Windows Forms apps: A quick tutorial on integrating the AutomaticUpdater with Windows Forms apps.

Tutorial for WPF apps: A quick tutorial on integrating the AutomaticUpdater with Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) apps.

Tutorial for Windows Services and Console apps: A quick tutorial on integrating the AutomaticUpdater with Windows Services and Console apps.

Members (Methods, Properties, & Events): AutomaticUpdater methods, properties, and events useful in adding automatic updating to your .NET app.

Translating the AutomaticUpdater control: How to translate the AutomaticUpdater control from English to your native language.

About wyBuild, wyUpdate, & the AutomaticUpdater

Overview of wyBuild: An overview of wyBuild including some of the more prominent features.

Features in wyBuild: A summary of the most useful features in wyBuild.

Changes in wyBuild & wyUpdate 2.6.18: The complete list of changes to wyBuild and wyUpdate since the first publicly released version.

Advanced Topics

Build Updates from Commandline: Learn how to build updates from commandline in wyBuild, and also add new versions via commandline. This is useful if you want to automate your update creation.

wyUpdate Commandline options: This article covers all possible commandline options for wyUpdate and what they do.

Commands and Variables: How to use text-modify commands and variables to simplify building your updates.

Download sites: The download sites are, quite simply, sites where wyUpdates checks for updates and downloads the updates if they are available.

Version Numbers: A brief explanation of version number schemes, and how wyUpdate interprets versions.

How to make offline updates: Learn how to use wyUpdate to deliver both "offline" and online updates.

Override the Server Site in wyUpdate: Learn how to override the server site in wyUpdate at runtime.

Proxies in wyUpdate: How to force wyUpdate to use custom proxies and password protected proxies.

Custom wyUpdate Version: wyUpdate is completely open source. Some of our customers choose to add special features specific to their products. This article will teach you how to maintain your own version of wyUpdate so self-updates continue to work.

Signing Updates in wyBuild: wyBuild comes with the ability to sign your updates. What this means is that only updates signed by you can be installed to your end-users.

How to prevent or limit updates: Learn how you can prevent or limit updates based on product keys and other licensing methods.

COM dll registering / unregistering: Learn how to register and unregister COM dlls.

Starting and Stopping Windows Services: Learn how to start and stop Windows Services.