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Download sites

The download sites are, quite simply, sites where wyUpdates checks for updates and downloads the updates if they are available. You must add at least 1 site, but you can add as many mirror sites as you need.

As in other places in wyBuild, variables can be used within the site mirrors.

Using the %file% variable

When you add new sites to wyBuild you must also use the %file% variable. When you build wyUpdate and your updates, wyBuild will automatically replace the file variable with the correct filename.

Before adding site

Site types (update site, server site, or both)

By default every site you add to the download site list, wyUpdate will check for both download the server file (*.wys) and the update files (*.wyu).

Suppose you want to host your update files (*.wyu) on a different site than the server files (*.wys). This is possible by right clicking a site and setting it as "Just an update site", "Just a server site", or "Both server & update site":

Site types

Protocols supported

wyUpdate supports downloading from the following protocols:

Note: While FTP download sites are not recommended because they're insecure by-design (usernames and passwords are delivered in clear-text, and updates are delivered in an insecure manner), if you still still wish to use FTP, then you need to know that special characters need to be url-encoded. For example, this is incorrect:


This is incorrect because while the username is "username@example.com", the "@" symbol has special meaning in FTP URLs (it separates the credentials from the domain). So you need to url-encode the "@" character in the credentials: