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Translate wyUpdate

wyBuild comes with 11 machine-translated languages, plus the ability to create and edit new translations for wyUpdate.

Using an Existing Translation

To use an existing translation, just select a language from dropdown box. That language will then be included when you build wyUpdate.

Creating and Editing Translations

Creating and editing translation is a simple matter of clicking the "Edit" or the "New" button and then translating from English to your native language:

Translating wyUpdate from English to your native language

Similar to wyBuild, the translations for wyUpdate use variables so you don't have to "hard-code" version numbers and product names.

Culture Name

The culture name of a language is used to select which language to display when wyUpdate is run on your users' computers. The typical form of the culture name is en-US or fr-FR. Here's a large list of culture names that Windows uses to select languages.

Once all of the English strings are translated to your language, just click "Add Language".

Submitting Your Translations

After you've sucessfully translated wyUpdate into your native language, you can submit the translation for inclusion in the next version. For full instructions see Using and Contributing Translations.