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LimeLM, TurboActivate, & TurboFloat Support

LimeLM is a hassle-free licensing & online activation solution. TurboActivate is the online activation wizard and the API you integrate with your app. TurboFloat is the floating license library & server.

  • Topics: 2893
  • Posts: 13318
  • Activity: 11h
LicenseChest Support

With LicenseChest you can manage every license you own, with every product, all in one place. This includes running TurboFloat Server instances on our infrastructure.

  • Topics: 3
  • Posts: 7
  • Activity: Jan 13, 2023
37Jan 13, 2023
wyBuild, wyUpdate, & AutomaticUpdater Support

wyBuild creates tiny update patches for your program. Your users can then update to the latest version of your software with the open source wyUpdate. Use the AutomaticUpdater control to integrate updating directly into your .NET app.

  • Topics: 2339
  • Posts: 10786
  • Activity: 57m
Open Source Support

Get help with all of the open source projects on wyDay (VistaMenu, Windows7ProgressBar, SplitButton, LinkLabel2, etc.).

  • Topics: 42
  • Posts: 194
  • Activity: Sep 22, 2022
42194Sep 22, 2022