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LimeLM lets you earn more revenue with our fast, accurate, and secure licensing

With LimeLM you can offer trials, track conversions, and sell your app in many ways (perpetually, as SaaS, on a per-site basis, etc.)

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Trusted by thousands of companies world-wide

LimeLM is used and trusted by thousands of companies, of every size, world-wide; including “big names” in every industry.

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LimeLM is used on millions of devices across the world

Our software licensing is built for the real world. Customers move between multiple devices, modify their machines, run on VMs or in the cloud, clone hard-drives, and every other crazy thing you can imagine.

LimeLM’s proprietary device-fingerprinting algorithm handles it all. All you have to do is set how many computers you want a license to run on, and we handle the details.

LimeLM is used throughout the world

Works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD

Works with all programming languages

Our licensing works “out of the box” on all major platforms, and we have APIs and examples for all major programming languages. Even if we don’t have an example for your particular language, we’ll help you get up and running quickly.

Let us worry about the licensing while you work on making a great product!

Sell your software how you want!

You can sell your software as a one-time purchase, sell it as a subscription, sell individual features of your app, or all of the above.

In addition to giving you flexibility in how you sell your software, LimeLM gives you flexibility in the details of how you want ot license your software:

With LimeLM we make it simple to make money with your software no matter how you want to sell it!

LimeLM makes it easy to make money

Secure by design

Licensing companies throw around the word “security” liberally, while rarely talking about what that means in practice. Here’s what we mean:


Secure activation data

When a customer activates your app on a computer the activation data cannot be cloned to another machine. The activation data is locked to a specific machine using our proprietary "fingerprinting" algorithm.


Protection against DDoS

LimeLM is built for the real world. In addition to handling the millions of active users world-wide, we’ve also adapted to handle real-world threats, including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks from the darker corners of the internet.


Data protection, strict user-management

We make it extremely easy and safe to manage your customer’s data, including giving you direct control over who in your company has access to what data.


Global privacy legal compliance

We're fully compliant with global privacy laws, including the GDPR. What this means is that you can use LimeLM with the confidence that your customers' data is safe (no reselling, sharing, or other shady business). And, among other finer points, it means you can export all of your data and delete your account at any time. You're not locked in!

We’re fast!

Everything about us is fast. Signing up is fast, integrating LimeLM in your app is fast, and managing your licenses and tracking trials is fast.

But most important of all, customers activating your software is fast. The last thing on your customer’s mind should be the licensing your software uses; we blend into the background by being as close to instantaneous as technologically possible.

We worry about making the licensing "just work" (and doing it fast) all to let you focus on your products and your customers.

LimeLM is as fast as a rocket

Simple to manage

We make it simple to manage your licenses, subscriptions, customer data, and verified trials. Everything can be managed in your LimeLM dashboard from any device.

Also, create roles for your employees so they can manage parts of the sales process from the licensing, trials, and billing processes.

LimeLM Verified trial

Simple to automate

Want to sit back and let the money just roll in? With LimeLM that’s possible. With our pre-written order forms and extensive web API you can automate every part of the sales and upgrade process.

Just as you’re not locked into using our licensing, you’re also not locked into using any particular payment provider. You can switch to-or-from LimeLM and to-or-from any payment provider you want.

This gives you flexibility, and leaves the power in your hands.


Join the thousands of companies that use and love us!

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