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Adding users to manage your LimeLM account

After you've signed up for LimeLM you can add users to your account so your employees, contractors, bosses, resellers, and everyone else that needs to can access and manage the LimeLM account.

Adding a new user

Adding a new user is simple. First go to your user management page and click the "Create a new user" link. Then simply enter the user's details (name, email, username, etc.) and the level of access you want them to have on the LimeLM account.

Your new user will get an email immediately after you click "Create user" button. They'll be able to log into LimeLM and manage your products, keys, activations (and everything else you've given them access to) right away.

User permissions

When you create users to manage your LimeLM account you can set whether you want them to be an admin user or a limited user. An admin user has the ability to add and remove other users (including admin users) and a limited user only has the permissions you give it. Those permissions are the following:

Change user permissions

Removing a user

To remove a user from your account it's as simple as clicking the red "X" icon next to the user's name on your user management page. If you remove a user they'll lose access to the account immediately.