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Sets the product key details including total allowed activations (or lease pool size), type of license, email address, and all custom license fields for the product key.


api_key (Required)
Your API application key. Your api key is available on your settings page.
pkey_id (Required)
The id of the product key.
for_tfs (Optional)
Whether the product key is for TurboFloat Server or not. If this is set to true then the key(s) will be for TurboFloat Server (floating licensing). Otherwise the keys will be for TurboActivate (node-locked licensing). Possible values: true or false. You cannot change a key from TurboActivate to TurboFloat Server (or vice versa) if there are existing used activations.
num_acts (Optional)
The number of activations the product keys will have if this is a TurboActivate key. Or if this is a TurboFloat Server key (i.e. "for_tfs" is set to "true") then this is the number of allowed concurrent connections to the floating license server.
deact_limit (Optional)
The number of deactivation that will be allowed on the product key (to move the product key, and your software, to other computers). Possible valuses:
  • -2: Inherit the default deactivation limit from the product version.
  • -1: Unlimited deactivations.
  • 0 through 9223372036854775807: Limited to the specified number of deactivations.
email (Optional)
An email to associate with the product key.
feature_name[] (Optional)
One or more license fields to associate with the product keys.
feature_value[] (Optional)
The values to associate with the field names. The number of values must match the number of field names provided in the feature_name[] parameter. The format of the data must match the data type of the custom license fields. Invalid data will be molded to fit a "best guess" to match the data type. To avoid this "guessing" by LimeLM, supply data in the correct format (i.e. dates formatted correctly, don't supply text for "Integer" types, etc., etc.)
uname_limit_name[] (Optional)
One or more usernames to limit the TurboFloat Server activated with this key to only allow requests from the specified usernames. Read more about named-user / per-seat licensing here.
  • If you don't specify any "uname_limit_name[]" parameters, then the product key will retain any usernames it previously had.

  • If you specify any "uname_limit_name[]" parameters, then you'll replace all of the usernames that the product key previously had.

  • If you want to remove all the usernames from the product key, then just use a single username of an empty string.

uname_limit_platform[] (Optional)
The platforms that the usernames will be allowed on. The number of platforms must match the number of usernames provided in the uname_limit_name[] parameter.
  • 0: The username will work from any platform.
  • 1: The username will only work from Windows machines.
  • 2: The username will only work from macOS machines.
  • 3: The username will only work from Linux machines.
  • 4: The username will only work from BSD machines.
allow_vm (Optional)
Whether the product key(s) generated will be able to be activated on virtual machines / hypervisors. Possible values: yes, no, inherit (which inherits the value you set for your product version).

Example Response

This method has no specific response - It returns an empty success response if it completes without error.

Error Codes

1: Product key not found.
No product keys found pkey_id supplied.
100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
101: Method "xxx" not found
The requested method was not found.
164: An API key must be used by a single device.
You can only use an API key from a single device. If you need to use the web API from multiple servers then create another user. You can also temporarily reset this message by logging into the account for which the API key is created and resetting the last used IP address on your settings page.
110: You only have N activations left in your plan.
You have requested more activations than you have left in your plan. Upgrade your account for more activations.
111: You have no more activations left in your plan.
There are no more activations in your account. Upgrade your account for more activations.
116: There must be equal amount of features as feature values.
You have specified more feature_name[] values than feature_value[] values (or vice versa). There must be an equal number of feature_name[] as feature_value[].
117: You must enter a value for the feature "feature name". It's a required feature.
There's a required feature that you've forgotten to set. Either set the feature or mark the feature as not required.
118: Your account is in dormant mode. Re-enable your account.
You cannot generate product keys when your account is in dormant mode. Re-enable your account and you will no longer get this error.
120: The number of activations allowed must be greater than or equal to the used activations.
Make sure num_acts is greater than or equal to the number of used activations for the product key.
153: You can't change from a TurboActivate key to a TurboFloat key (or vice versa) when the key has existing activations. Remove the existing activations from the key or don't change the key type.
Changing a key type (from TA to TF or vice versa) is not allowed when there are existing activations for the key because it would put the existing activations in an undefined state. So there cannot be any activations for a product key if you want to change whether it's a TurboActivate or TurboFloat key.
142: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.