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Automate license generation with Authorize.Net

authorize.netThis article will tell you how to sign up for Authorize.Net and how to configure the settings for the payment form we talk about in the How to generate product keys after an order article. If you haven't read that article first, you should.

It should be noted that Authorize.Net is a bit different than PayPal and Moneybookers in that your customers can directly enter their credit card number and/or bank details directly on your website. This means your website must be PCI compliant.

If you don't want to (or can't) become PCI compliant then you should use one of Authorize.Net's alternative payment methods to the AIM (Advanced Integration Method) used payment example in the LimeLM Web API Pack. Authorize.Net has sample code for their other payment integration methods.

Create a test account

If you want to test the Authorize.Net integration without using your real money then you will need to sign up for a test account to Authorize.Net.

Using the payment example in the LimeLM Web API Pack

Use our pre-made, fully configurable, payment examplesIncluded in the LimeLM Web API Pack is a payment example for C#, VB.NET and PHP. To configure this payment form to accept Authorize.Net as a form of payment you need to make a few configuration changes. First, open the PaymentSettings.php/.cs/.vb file and make the following configuration changes:

  1. Set one or both of the variables "UseAuthorizeNetCC" and "UseAuthorizeNetBank" at the top of the file to "true"

  2. Set the "AppPrice", "Currency", and "CurrencySign" variables.

  3. Set the "LimeLM_ApiKey" (get it on your settings page) and "LimeLM_VersionID" variables.

  4. Set the "ThankYouPage" variable to the publicly-accessible location of the page.

  5. Set the "AuthNetLogin" and "AuthNetTansKey" variables with the keys provided by Authorize.Net and set the "AuthNetTest" variable to "true".

Test the payment form

Now that you have everything configured you're ready to test your Authorize.Net credit card charges and/or bank transfers. Run through the complete payment process to see everything works how you expect it to work.

Create a real Authorize.Net account, change the setting

After you've finished testing your payment process you're ready to sign up for an actual merchant account. Again, Authorize.Net differs from other payment platforms in that you have to sign up with a merchant bank first and then you get your Authorize.Net credentials. Because there are so many competing merchant banks, and giving a definitive choice is a bit beyond the scope of this article. Contact your bank, they likely already have an integration option.

After you've signed up with a merchant bank and gotten your real Authorize.Net account you'll need to change the "AuthNetLogin" and "AuthNetTansKey" variables in PaymentSettings.php/.cs/.vb with the keys provided by Authorize.Net and set the "AuthNetTest" variable to "false".