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Getting started with LimeLM

This tutorial will get you up and running with LimeLM. In this walkthrough we'll cover how to signup to LimeLM, create your first product, integrate TurboActivate with your product, and integrating web API with your order processing.

In short, you'll learn everything you need to know about adding both timed trials and professional licensing to your products.

Signing up

The first step is to sign up to LimeLM. Each plan has a 30-day free trial. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time. The signup is so short it takes under a minute:

Sign up for LimeLM

After you've signed up you'll see your dashboard. This is where you add your first product.

Create your first product

On your dashboard click the big "Create new product" link:

LimeLM first-run dashboard

On the "new product page" enter all the values for the first product to which you'll be adding licensing:

Adding your first product to LimeLM

Note: If you don't have this information finalized yet, don't worry — just enter your temporary values. You can change all of these values later.

Adding TurboActivate to your product

TurboActivate wizardTurboActivate is what you use to add licensing, online/offline activation, and timed trials to your app. It comes in 2 pieces:

  1. The TurboActivate library (TurboActivate.dll on Windows, libTurboActivate.dylib on Mac, on Unix)

  2. The TurboActivate wizard (TurboActivate.exe on Windows)

The TurboActivate library is required. However, the TurboActivate wizard (shown on the right) is completely optional. If you want to create your own user interface for getting the product key and activating, then simply use the TurboActivate library.

Here are some tutorials on how to use TurboActivate:

If you're making a Mac OS X or Linux app, you should also check out these articles:

You can also integrate TurboActivate within your installer:

Need to integrate TurboActivate with another language and you're not sure how? Ask us on the forum.

How to add trials to your app

ClockIn addition to licensing and online activation, LimeLM fully support timed trials. Timed trials can be used within your application to allow prospective customers to try your application for a limited time.

The timed trial has tamper protection and isn't reset on re-installation of your app. Plus, if your user needs more time to try your app, you can generate a trial extension and send it to your user.

In short, you can offer trials to your customers without worrying about the details. Learn how to add timed trials to your app.

Product keys & license fields

Generating product keys is simple. Simply click the "Make a product key" link on the sidebar:

Version Sidebar

After you've clicked that link you be presented with the new product key screen:

Creating a new product key

When you create new product keys you can:

License fields are custom fields you can add when you generate product keys. After the user has activated, you can read the custom field values within your app.

You can use these fields to limit parts of your app, license individual components, time-limit your app or parts of it, etc. There are no bounds to what you can do with license fields.

Learn more about custom license fields.

How to integrate the licensing within your company

PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, and all other languagesUse the web API to integrate licensing within all of your companies processes. Some of the things you can do with the web API:

Plus, to simplify development, we have examples written for PHP, C#, and VB.NET showing various uses of the LimeLM web API. And because our API is completely open, you can integrate LimeLM web API no matter what language you use.