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Change the name of a product.


api_key (Required)
Your API application key. Your api key is available on your settings page.
prod_id (Required)
The id of the product you'll be changing the name of. You can get the product ID by examining the URL in your browser. For instance, from the URL you can see the product ID is 42. Also, the product id is returned when you call the web API function.
name (Required)
The new name of the product. Maximum 255 characters.

Example Response

This method has no specific response - It returns an empty success response if it completes without error.

Error Codes

100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
101: Method "xxx" not found
The requested method was not found.
164: An API key must be used by X devices. Configurable in your settings.
You can only use an API key from X devices. You can set the exact number on your settings page. If you need to use the web API from multiple servers then create another user. You can also temporarily reset this message by logging into the account for which the API key is created and resetting the last used IP address on your settings page.
168: LimeLM web API only supports POST over HTTPS.
All web API functions must be used over HTTPS using POST. Described in the web API overview.
108: The product id is missing.
The product id was not specified.
109: The product doesn't exist or you don't have access to it.
Check to make sure you have access to the product id you've passed in.
118: Your account is in dormant mode. Re-enable your account.
You cannot generate product keys when your account is in dormant mode. Re-enable your account and you will no longer get this error.
125: The "name" parameter must exist and it must be less than 255 characters long.
Make sure your product name is greater than 0 characters and less than 255.
126: Please enter a new product name (ProductName already exists).
You can't have multiple products with the same name. Use a unique product name.
142: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
166: You do not have permission to create, remove, or edit products and versions. Contact your account administrator(s).
You need to ask an admin to give you permission to create / edit / remove products and versions.