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Features in wyBuild, wyUpdate, & AutomaticUpdater

When you download wyBuild you get a complete updating solution: wyBuild, wyUpdate, and the AutomaticUpdater. Here are some of the top features in wyBuild, wyUpdate, and the AutomaticUpdater control.

wyBuild Features

Use wyBuild to manage versions of your software, customize wyUpdate with your branding & languages, and build update patches.

Easy to use drag & drop

Just drag your files & folders and drop them into wyBuild.

Adding files to wyBuild

Creates shortcuts to your program files

You can create shortcuts on the Desktop or the Program Files menu by simply right clicking a file in wyBuild and clicking “Create Shortcut”.

Create Tiny Update Patches

Using wyBuild is the easiest way to create software patches. It scans the changes between versions of your product and generates industry standard VCDIFF patches (a.k.a. delta patches) to deliver to your users.

For example, updating the bare minimum installation of Nero Burning ROM from version to version (without using wyBuild's patching algorithm) generated an enormous 53.8 megabyte file.

Using wyBuild’s patching algorithm this update size was reduced to a minuscule 1.4 megabytes; small enough to fit on an old floppy disk!

Tiny patches built with wyBuild

Execute a full range of scripts (*.bat, *.cmd, *.exe, *.msi)

wyBuild lets you select which files you wish to execute files before & after installation. You can even include files that will be extracted to the temp folder, executed during the update, and deleted after the update has completed.

Modify the Registry

Changing the registry is just as easy as adding files. With wyBuild you can manage which Registry keys are created, edited, and removed upon installation of your update. The same goes with Registry values — giving you the ability to delete, edit, or add values of any type (string, binary, or integer data).

Edit Registry in wyBuild

Unicode support

wyBuild fully supports Unicode filenames & registry – perfect for non-English speaking users.

Version Management

With wyBuild’s tabbed version management you can flip through all the versions of your software with the flick of your mouse wheel.

Version management in wyBuild

Translation Editor

wyBuild comes with a built-in translation editor. You can create, edit, and include multiple translations with the updater, wyUpdate. Use any one of the 13 translations to wyUpdate. You can also create and edit your own translations and submit them for the next version of wyBuild.

Edit Languages in wyBuild

Upload your updates to your site

wyBuild has a built in FTP client where you can upload your update patches with a click of a button.

Better than Microsoft’s ClickOnce

wyBuild is better than ClickOnce in many ways. With wyBuild and the included wyUpdate & AutomaticUpdater control you get all the benefits of a simple all-in-one updating solution. Unlike ClickOnce, wyBuild generates tiny update patches and handles all Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 UAC problems all with a simple drag & drop interface.

.NET Optimizations

.NET frameworkwyBuild automatically detects any assemblies made with Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 (or above). When the update is installed on your user's computer, wyUpdate optimizes these .NET assemblies to start and run fast using NGEN.

Customize the theme to fit your corporate branding

wyBuild comes with several professional themes that you can use on wyUpdate. There’s also a built-in editor so you create and edit the theme of wyUpdate to match your company and product branding.

Theme editor in wyBuild

Build updates from commandline

wyBuild comes with the ability to build your updates entirely from the command line. This means you’ll be able to fully automate releasing your updates to your users.

wyUpdate installing an updatewyUpdate Features

wyUpdate is the open source updater included with wyBuild. This updater can be included royalty free with your program.

Standalone Updater

wyUpdate is a fully standalone updater. Your product can be written in any programming language (C, C++, C#, VB, VB.NET, Delphi, etc.) or no programming language at all. All you need to do is include the .NET Framework 2.0 with your application, but beyond that you’re free to make your product however you choose.

Automatic Updater

wyUpdate can work as a standalone updater that can be called simply by launching wyUpdate.exe Or you can have fully integrated automatic updating when you use wyUpdate alongside the AutomaticUpdater control.

Multilingual support

After you’ve included languages from within wyBuild, wyUpdate automatically detects the language of your users’ system and loads the correct language.

Show changes & new features in updates

You can write a description of what’s new in your latest version and this is shown to the user before they update.

Built-In User Account Control (UAC) Support

wyUpdate automatically handles Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 UAC. wyUpdate can check for updates as a non-elevated process takes care of prompting the used for elevation when it’s needed. You can update your program files, system files, and system registry without worrying about UAC.

wyUpdate handling UAC

Intelligent handling of all user-permission related problems

wyUpdate can check for updates on all level accounts (guest, limited, and administrator). If updates are found and the non-admin user clicks “Update” then wyUpdate prompts the user for the admin password.

wyUpdate Limited User updating

Proxy support

wyUpdate automatically detects and uses proxies to download updates. If the proxy doesn’t work, wyUpdate tries to download without the proxy. This assures that even users on strict corporate networks and users with misconfigured computers will be able to update to the latest version of your program. wyUpdate also supports custom proxies via commandline.

Downloads from FTP, HTTP, & HTTPS

wyUpdate can download from FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS sites – it even supports downloading from sites using self-signed SSL certificates. This is perfect for distributing updates on a local corporate intranet.

Detects & closes processes

When wyUpdate detects that files are running that will be updated, it shows the user what processes are running and it allows them to close the processes.

ACL of a folderFile Permissions

wyUpdate handles all potential file permission and file access problems. It also correctly configures the updated files Access Control Lists (ACL) making sure your product works on multi-user computers.

File Attributes are untouched

The attributes of the files you include in your updates are delivered to your users as you intended them. The date the data was last changed and whether the files are hidden, system, or read-only are untouched when the updated files are sent to your users.

Secure Updating

wyUpdate gracefully handles errors by rolling back to the previously working version.

Full 64-bit & 32-bit support

wyUpdate works seamlessly on both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Windows including the ability to install files to the x86 & x64 system32 folders.

wyUpdate is open source

Written in C# and licensed under the BSD License, wyUpdate is fully open source. It’s included with wyBuild in a compiled & Authenticode signed form.

AutomaticUpdater - update availableAutomaticUpdater Features

The AutomaticUpdater control is a free .NET control that’s included with wyBuild. It automatically checks for updates, downloads patches, and installs the updates.

Works with all .NET applications

The AutomaticUpdater control works with .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, and .NET 4.5 applications. Whether you program C#, VB.NET, F#, Delphi Prism, or any other .NET language you can add the AutomaticUpdater to your program.

Professional User Interface

The AutomaticUpdater control comes with a professional user interface. Just add the control to your form and you’re ready to go.

Subtle animations

The AutomaticUpdater uses professional animations to subtly notify your user of all updating progress.

View Changes

Your users can view the latest changes in updates directly within your application.

Properties & Events to control every action

The AutomaticUpdater control comes with every Property and Event you’ll ever need. But it works just as well by dropping the control on your form and getting on with your business.

Windows Update SettingsConfigure just like Windows Update

Much like Windows Update, the AutomaticUpdater is fully configurable with a few simple properties. You can set how often the AutomaticUpdater checks for updates and set the level of interaction. For instance you can set the AutomaticUpdater to...

Strong signed control

With the strong signed assembly you can integrate the AutomaticUpdater control within your own strong signed app without any hassle.

Progressive Patch

Your updates are downloaded, extracted, and patched all in the background so that your updates are installed blazingly fast.

wyBuild, wyUpdate & AutomaticUpdater Overview

Not convinced? Look at the highlight features and how our customers use them.

wyBuild, wyUpdate, & the AutomaticUpdater control are fully compatible with Windows Vista through Windows 11 (including all Windows Server products).