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AutomaticUpdater Members

Allows you to add full control over how updates are checked, downloaded, and installed to your .NET app.

The AutomaticUpdater and AutomaticUpdaterBackend types exposes the following members. A few of the properties and events are specific to either the AutomaticUpdater type or the AutomaticUpdaterBackend type; we've made a note of such cases.


Name Description
Cancel Cancel the checking, downloading, or extracting currently in progress.
ForceCheckForUpdate Check for updates forcefully.
InstallNow Proceed with the download and installation of pending updates.


Name Description
Animate Gets or sets whether to slide the AutomaticUpdater out when you hover over it and in when you hover away. This property is for the AutomaticUpdater type only.
Arguments Gets or sets the arguments to pass to your app when it's being restarted after an update.
Changes Gets the changes for the new update.
ClosingForInstall Gets if this AutomaticUpdater has hidden this form and preparing to install an update.
DaysBetweenChecks Gets or sets the number of days to wait before automatically re-checking for updates.
GUID Gets the GUID (Globally Unique ID) of the automatic updater. It is recommended you set this value (especially if there is more than one exe for your product).
KeepHidden Gets or sets whether the AutomaticUpdater control should stay hidden even when the user should be notified. (Not recommended).
LastCheckDate Gets the date the updates were last checked for.
MenuItem Gets and sets the MenuItem that will be used to check for updates.
ServiceName Gets or sets the service to start after the update. This property is for the AutomaticUpdaterBackend type only.
ToolStripItem Gets and sets the ToolStripItem that will be used to check for updates.
Translation The translation for the english strings in the AutomaticUpdater control. See Translating the AutomaticUpdater.
UpdateStepOn Gets the update step the AutomaticUpdater is currently on.
UpdateType Gets or sets how much this AutomaticUpdater control should do without user interaction.
Version Gets the version of the new update.
WaitBeforeCheckSecs Gets or sets the seconds to wait after the form is loaded before checking for updates.
wyUpdateCommandline Gets or sets the arguments to pass to wyUpdate when it is started to check for updates.
wyUpdateLocation Gets or sets the relative path to the wyUpdate (e.g. wyUpdate.exe or SubDir\wyUpdate.exe)


Name Description
BeforeChecking Event is raised before the update checking begins.
BeforeDownloading Event is raised before the downloading of the update begins.
BeforeInstalling Event is raised before the installation of the update begins.
Cancelled Event is raised when checking or updating is cancelled.
CheckingFailed Event is raised when the checking for updates fails.
CloseAppNow Event is raised after you or your user invoked InstallNow(). You should close your app as quickly as possible (because wyUpdate will be waiting).

This event overrides the default behaviors of the AutomaticUpdater, which are:
ClosingAborted Event is raised when an update can't be installed and the closing is aborted.
DownloadingOrExtractingFailed Event is raised when the update fails to download or extract.
ProgressChanged Event is raised when the current update step progress changes.
ReadyToBeInstalled Event is raised when the update is ready to be installed.
UpdateAvailable Event is raised when a new update is found.
UpdateFailed Event is raised when an update fails to install.
UpdateSuccessful Event is raised when an update installs successfully.
UpToDate Event is raised when the latest version is already installed.