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Registry changes

You can make registry changes that will execute as part of your update. This includes creating & removing registry values and creating & removing registry keys. wyBuild supports all registry value types and it takes only a few short seconds to list registry keys and values you want to change.

When you create a new version in your wyBuild project the registry changes are copied from the previous version in your project.

Win32 Registry

You can target 32-bit registry that will install to the Wow6432Node on 64-bit versions of Windows and install to the main registry branch on 32-bit version of Windows. To do this, simple click the "Only used by 32-bit apps (Use WoW64 on x64)" checkbox.

When you have the checkbox unchecked then wyUpdate installs to the 32-bit registry on 32-bit versions of Windows and the 64-bit registry on 64-bit versions of Windows.

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Using the variables

As in other places in wyBuild, variables can be used within the registry changes. There are 2 variables you can use in the registry changes: %version% and %basedir%.

The %version% variable is replaced with the current version number of the revision of your app you're working on. When you create a new version in wyBuild, and the registry changes are copied to the new version, any registry changes using the %version% variable will use the new version number.

The %basedir% variable is replaced when your update is being installed by the directory wyUpdate.exe resides in. For example, if your app is installed to "C:\Program Files\YourApp\" then the %basedir% variable will contain "C:\Program Files\YourApp\" (without the quotes, but including the trailing slash).