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Version Numbers

Adding new versions to wyBuild is simple; click the "new version" tab and a new version is created. You can change the version number and wyBuild automatically reorders them for you:

version numbers in wyBuild

If you're unsure how wyUpdate will interpret your version numbers, simply add new version tabs in wyBuild and see how wyBuild reorders them. It puts the "older" versions on the left and the "newer" versions on the right.

How wyBuild & wyUpdate compare version numbers

wyBuild and wyUpdate are liberal in what they allow for version numbers. You can use any version numbering schemer you want, but we recommend using the typical alphanumeric versioning scheme:

Major.Minor.Revision.Build [Extra Status]

A few examples of valid version numbers are "1.0", "", " beta 1", " release candidate".

Version comparison

When wyUpdate checks for updates, it downloads the server file and compares the version currently installed with the version in the server file. If the version in the server file is newer than the one installed on the user's computer, the update is downloaded and installed.

For further reference you might want to check out the Software versioning article on Wikipedia.