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Proxies in wyUpdate

By default wyUpdate reads the proxy settings from Internet Explorer to download files. If the proxy settings in Internet Explorer are misconfigured, wyUpdate tries again without the proxy settings.

Custom proxy

If you want to specify a custom proxy, simply pass the proxy settings to wyUpdate using the following commandline arguments:

wyUpdate.exe -proxy:"http://proxyserver:80/"

These custom proxy settings will overwrite the default Internet Explorer proxy settings.

Example 2: Password protected proxy

wyUpdate.exe -proxy:"http://proxyserver:80/" -proxyp:"PASSWORD" -proxyu:"USERNAME"

Example 3: Password protected proxy with a domain

wyUpdate.exe -proxy:"http://proxyserver:80/" -proxyp:"PASSWORD" -proxyu:"USERNAME" -proxyd:"OPTIONAL_DOMAIN"

Custom proxy with the AutomaticUpdater control

If you're using the AutomaticUpdater control, then using custom proxy settings with wyUpdate is as simple as setting the "wyUpdateCommandline" property of your AutomaticUpdater instance:

automaticUpdater.wyUpdateCommandline = "-proxy:\"http://proxyserver:80/\"";