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Distribute wyUpdate

wyUpdate is the small program that updates your product. You can customize and create the wyUpdate executable from within wyBuild.

Including wyUpdate with your application

After choosing the theme and the language of wyUpdate, you're ready to build wyUpdate:

Building wyUpdate for distribution

Clicking the "Build wyUpdate" button creates two files in the output folder:

  1. wyUpdate.exe
  2. client.wyc

The output wyUpdate.exe and the client.wyc files

These two files must be installed to the "base" folder of your application. That is, if your program installs to "C:\Program Files\YourProduct", then the two files must be installed to the "YourProduct" folder.

Beyond that, all you have to do is create a shortcut to the wyUpdate.exe somewhere in your program - typically in the 'Help" menu.

Updating wyUpdate

wyUpdate automatically updates itself. This means you don't need to (and shouldn't) include wyUpdate.exe within your wyBuild project. You can, however, include updated "client.wyc" files within your wyBuild project.

Whenever you create new installers you should also always rebuild wyUpdate and include the latest wyUpdate.exe and client.wyc files within the installer.

wyUpdate Requirements

wyUpdate works with Windows Vista through Windows 11 (including all Windows Server products). Also, the .NET Framework v2.0 (or greater) must be installed on your user's computer.

The .NET Framework v2.0 is installed by default on every Windows OS version we support.