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New release workflow

This article covers the step-by-step process to releasing updates for your app using wyBuild.

After you've gone through either the video tutorial or the step-by-step walkthrough to integrate wyUpdate and the AutomaticUpdater in your application, you'll need to know the workflow to keeping your users up-to-date.

Step 1: Create a new version

There are a few steps to releasing a new version to your users. For this example, let's assume your new version is version "1.2":

  1. Create a folder to store the files for this new version (we're calling it 1.2):
    Version folders

  2. Copy all of the files from version 1.2 of your app into this folder.

  3. Click the "new version" tab in wyBuild:
    Adding a new version in wyBuild

  4. Drag all the files into wyBuild from inside this "1.2" folder you just copied.

Note: There are several different target folders within wyBuild. The one most people will use is the "Your program's folder". This folder corresponds to the folder where the "wyUpdate.exe" and "client.wyc" files are sitting on your customer's computer (i.e. in your app's base directory). This way you don't need to hard code your application paths.

Step 2: Re-build wyUpdate if you're making an installer for the new version

If you're going to make an installer for this version, then you'll need to re-build wyUpdate. As you'll notice this re-built version will be for inclusion with version 1.2 of your app. (Note: Don't include versions of wyUpdate.exe and client.wyc built for other versions of your app. Always rebuild wyUpdate.).

You should not include wyUpdate.exe in your updates — wyUpdate self-updates. The client.wyc file, however, can be included with your updates if you want to.

Build wyUpdate

Step 3: Build your updates

Simply click the "Build updates" button and wyBuild will dynamically scan your files and build the update patches.

Build your new updates

Step 4: Upload the updates to your server

Click the "Upload updates" button to upload your newly created update files. Now your users will be able to update to the new version of your app.

Upload the updates

(Optional) Step 5: Build your new installer

When you're building your installer, include all of your app files and folders along with the newly re-built "wyUpdate.exe" and "client.wyc" for version 1.2 of your app.

Including files with your installer