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Open Source Updater: wyUpdate

wyUpdate installing an update

wyUpdate is the open source updater that's included with wyBuild. wyUpdate checks for updates, downloads any that are available, and safely updates your program. It handles in stride obstacles like Windows Vista through Windows 11 User Account Control (UAC), limited-user problems, and many other subtleties.

wyUpdate can patch files using the VCDIFF delta-patch format. It also can handle errors, and rollback updates if there is unrecoverable error.

wyUpdate is written in C# and is licensed under the BSD License.

Create updates with wyBuild

To create the updates used by wyUpdate you can either...

  1. Read the file specification and manually build your updates Or...
  2. Use wyBuild

Adding files to wyBuild

With wyBuild you can create tiny patches, upload your updates, and use the AutomaticUpdater control to add Google Updater-like automatic updating to your .NET apps. Learn more about wyBuild.