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December 4th, 2017

Hello Everyone,

On January 1st, 2018 we're raising prices for all new customers and current customers of LimeLM. We're also adding a "stepping stone" plan between the Plus and Premium plans (called the "Plus Plus" plan).

Here are the new prices:

Plan nameCurrent priceNew price
Max plan$349 / month$405 / month
Premium plan$149 / month$172 / month
Plus Plus plan (new plan)N/A$115 / month
Plus plan$49 / month$56 / month
Basic plan$29 / month$32 / month
Solo plan$11 / month$12 / month
Free planFree foreverFree forever

Why we're raising the prices?

We're raising the prices because:

  1. We want to develop and improve our products faster (this means hiring more programmers and support staff).

  2. We want to fund this development with revenue rather than debt.

  3. We haven't touched the prices of LimeLM since we launched about a decade ago. Our new prices roughly match the inflation in the U.S. dollar.

  4. Even with the new prices we're significantly cheaper than our competitors. In fact, go on our serious competitors websites and try to find a price listed. They don't. Instead you have to run through the gauntlet of sales-people until you get a price "customized" for your bank account (they'll charge as much as they think you can afford).

    Yes, there are toy licensing solutions that are cheaper than us, but they don't actually work as advertised (or make outlandish claims like "uncrackability")

What new development is coming?

A ton of stuff is coming.

  1. TurboActivate, TurboFloat, and TurboFloat Server 4.1 are coming very soon (new features, language integrations, and bug fixes).

  2. A new product that you can use to manage TurboFloat Server instances is nearly finished. (It will be announced soon with a blog post)

  3. A new LimeLM interface (mobile friendly and much more customizability) is coming.

  4. Hosted instances of the TurboFloat Server are coming (and will be less expensive than running instances on typical cloud hosting).

And those are just the products we've talked about publicly. There are other products in the pipeline that all LimeLM customers will get as part of their subscription to LimeLM.

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