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Issues with TurboActivate and NinjaTrader C# indicatorAnswered

Answer 14h ago

What version of .Net are you using? It looks like this is a new error: https://learn.microsoft.com/…

TurboFloat Server instancesAnswered

Post 1d ago

For example, I have 300 customers from different organizations. Can I run one server that will contr…

Answer 1d ago

it turned out that the TurboFloat Server doesn't exist yet. What? It does exist. It has for more t…

Turboactivate app throws an errorAnswered

Post 7d ago

A huge number of people in our region use Windows 7 32 bit. What will happen? Windows 7 is no longe…

Post 8d ago

and you answer the same thing every time. We need a baseline of information to help anyone. Hence t…

Post 9d ago

That's the EXE, not the dll. What's the version of the dll? Does it match the architecture type, etc…

Answer 9d ago

Follow the FAQ. Use the latest version. Make sure you're using the x64 version for x64 app, x86 vers…

Answer 10d ago

We don’t read Cyrillic-based languages, unfortunately. What’s the translation? What’s returni…

Update SHA1 to SHA256 or SHA512Answered

Post 7d ago

No hard date. ASAP.

Post on Apr 19, 2023

2022. What's the current state of this? Coming soon. ASAP.

TA_GetFeatureValue returning TA_E_IN_VM (It's not -- it's returning the size)Solved

Answer 13d ago

It's better just to follow our example code, Jamie. Our functions don't throw exceptions, thus there…

Manual licensing issueAnswered

Answer 14d ago

Much more information is needed. https://wyday.com/limelm/help/faq/#useful-reports Versions, functi…

batch deactivationAnswered

Answer 26d ago

You can either bulk delete in the LimeLM interface (you can select multiple at a time) or using the …

Switching from ftp download site to s3Answered

Post on Apr 27, 2023

You have to “re-build wyUpdate”, include the latest client.wyc as part of your update, then *aft…

Answer on Apr 27, 2023

You need to deploy an update with the updated sites (i.e. the newly built client.wyc with the new si…

Will we use up licences if we wipe and rebuild a machine?Answered

Post on Apr 26, 2023

What happens with wyBuild licenses if a machine is wiped and then rebuilt so that wyBuild and its li…

Please never issue a product code with BETA in itAnswered

Post on Apr 26, 2023

We have no plans to do this. Firstly, because BETA isn't a bad word. Secondly, you can do your own f…

Activation issue on MacOSAnswered

Answer on Apr 24, 2023

You'll have to add debugging to the logic around your path getting. I'm not familiar with those part…

When Verified trials number exceed the limit set by the planAnswered

Answer on Apr 21, 2023

On the free plan if you hit the limit of either activations or verified trials, that’s it. No noti…

v4.4.4.1 — October 6, 2021Answered

Answer on Apr 21, 2023

Yes, both are coming soon. ASAP. Obviously the TurboFloat Server has been out for a decade. But you…