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Verifone integrationAnswered

Answer 1d ago

Hey Jeff, They have a callback mechanism (similar to PayPal). Namely: Customer places orderVerifon…

What Am I Missing?Answered

Post 4d ago

Our installer scripts work out of the box. We know that and we've confirmed it. Once you start modi…

Answer 4d ago

We don’t provide development services. This is a debuggable problem with a programmer. Hire a prog…

Answer 4d ago

Integrating LimeLM into an app has a learning curve and set minimum level of skills needed to use it…

Post 4d ago

Ok, so the error is telling you exactly what needs to be done: enter a valid product key (which you …

Post 5d ago

What error are you getting with what function? Also, it’s better to just integrate TA in your app…

WMI issues all of a sudden?Answered

Post 6d ago

but any idea why run as admin wouldn't work in these cases? It should, with the latest TA. Any ide…

Answer 6d ago

Do you still have that diagnostic utility available? Nope, all diagnostics and fixing of bad user d…

Answer 7d ago

Hey Matt, Always start with the latest version. No breaking changes in several years. It‘s hard …

Knowing the number of used licences/activations in real timeAnswered

Answer 8d ago

When LicenseChest is released they'll have a real-time view of both.

Rest API Returning Error 42 - An error happened that shouldnʼt have.Solved

Answer 10d ago

Yep, it was an error in the backend that we fixed.

Virtual MachineAnswered

Answer 17d ago

We err on the side of false-negative for VM detection. So, if TA says they're in a VM, they're in a …

Does the email list for API changes work ... or not?Answered

Answer 18d ago

Hey Barry, We haven't implemented that yet. It hasn't been a priority. And doing it right is more t…

An error occurred for my client while updatingAnswered

Answer 22d ago

wyUpdate only installs to paths you specify. Thus, you're specifying the path. So, fix your update …

Post 22d ago

So… so don't install to that path. Or run with the appropriate privileges.

Post 22d ago

What error?

Trial extension abuse prevention

Post 23d ago

This is an interesting question. So, there’s a way to determine how many trial days are remaining,…

LicenseChest, what is the TFS uuid?Answered

Answer 23d ago

LicenseChest will be out soon. When it is, you'll see what the UUID is. It looks something like this…