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The wyDay blog is where you find all the latest news and tips about our existing products and new products to come.

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Peppier Website

October 11th, 20085 comments

Today I changed the style of wyDay.com to be much brighter. I felt that if this site didn't burn out your retinas while simultaneously giving you a cavity, then it just wasn't good enough.

A notable addition to the site is the open source list. It lists the dedicated pages for VistaMenu, SplitButton, wyUpdate Client, and some of my older projects.

I've also uploaded version 1.0 final of wyBuild(a.k.a. InstantUpdate). I'll have a blog post later on explaining all of the many changes. But, for now, just download wyBuildand begin exploring. It was designed to be easy to use right out of the box.
Download wyBuild