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CueSharp v0.4.5 comes with a slew of minor changes including, but not limited to:

  • XML documentation now included with the binaries.
  • Updated example project to demonstrate how to manipulate tracks.
  • A new CueSheet constructor that parses a passed string.

The last little change comes in handy when manipulating cuesheets embedded in FLAC and OGG files.

Until next time, as always, keep your comments coming.

CueSharp v0.4 is out

January 9th, 2007

Yet another version of CueSharp is released. This time around I've added the ability to create cuesheets from scratch, along with minor bug-fixes to the example project.

It's worth the upgrade; download now.

CueSharp v0.3.3 is out

December 10th, 2006

A few output file related bugs have been addressed. The first fix was to the output of line termination, fixing the cue sheet display in text editors. The second bug-fix was to the FLAGS keyword in the sheet. CueSharp was outputting each flag on a separate line, then adding an extra line-break after the last flag. Needless to say this is erroneous behavior, and has been corrected.

Only one more week until winter break, when CueSharp and InstantUpdate will get some much needed lovin'.