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February 24th, 2008

The Release Candidate 2 wasn't out for a week before I got my first user submitted translation: Serbian, translated by Ivan Stambolic. This made me realize that though I spent months thinking about how to execute the translation editor, I hadn't made it easy for contributing translations.

I'll have this oversight fixed in the next version of InstantUpdate. For now, I've created a page for user submitted translations. Additionally, there's a section about contributing new translations and fixes to existing translations.

Fixing translations

As I mentioned in the Release Candidate 2 anouncement, InstantUpdate comes with 11 translations. However, the translations into these languages were done by a machine. Not a walking, talking, singing, dancing, machine. A dumb machine that thinks in probabilities. Thus, these 11 translations almost definitely contain errors.

If you speak (or write) in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Swedish, any fixes would be appreciated.

Why contribute translations?

Or more like: "Why contribute translations to a closed source project?"

The InstantUpdate Client won't remain closed source for much longer. Once InstantUpdate hits '1.0' I'll be releasing the source code of the Client under an Open Source license. I haven't decided what license, but it will likely be similar to Mozilla's model (i.e. a dual licensing model combining GPL and proprietary). More on this later.

Multilingual altruists everywhere: get crackin'. I'll be grateful.

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