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Yalcin K (mertik) has made 4 posts.

VM enabled running clones of the same VM on different PCs/MacsAnswered

Post on Nov 21, 2022

IP address seciton is stands for “IP Address the activation made from”. Since you activate once…

SSL Problem.Answered

Post on Jun 10, 2022

Hi there. I've been using wybuild for a long time.I realized that i was not using https for the upd…

Install .net version.Answered

Post on Oct 25, 2021

Hello there. I've been using wyBuild/Update for a while now. I wonder that is it possible to insta…

How to get license key from TurboActivate.Answered

Post on Sep 16, 2021

Hello there. I've developed an .NET app and using TurboActivate for 4+ years!  I need to find the…