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Steve Shaw (LightIllusion_CS) has made 37 posts.

v4.4.4.1 — October 6, 2021Answered

Post on Apr 21, 2023

Just realised how old things are now…Are there updates looming?(And the old question of when Turbo…

VM enabled running clones of the same VM on different PCs/MacsAnswered

Post on Nov 25, 2022

“I've said this at least 3 times in this thread: to “activate” separate VM instances, use Turb…

Post on Nov 20, 2022

Sorry - you are still not answering my specific question, which I have now asked in a number of diff…

Post on Nov 19, 2022

I am struggling with your responses… I am not asking for any guarantees, and have no intent to us…

Post on Nov 19, 2022

Thank you for the response. Can you please explain why different IP addresses would not be displaye…

Post on Nov 18, 2022

I have now re-read every word on the articles linked to. They do not answer my question. So, to as…

Post on Nov 15, 2022

Sorry, I was asking a general question - not looking to use the information for anything specific to…

Post on Nov 15, 2022

If a user with VM operation enabled runs clones of the same VM on different PCs/Macs in different lo…

Date of latest TurboActive releaseAnswered

Post on Oct 20, 2022

Please add a date to the TurboActive release page for each new release. It will help spotting when …

Microsoft Hypervisor becoming a real issueAnswered

Post on Sep 6, 2022

Another 4 month have passed…Should we be looking for an alternative solution?

Post on May 11, 2022

I know the answer is always ‘soon’, and you dislike questions being asked about the timescale, b…

Post on Mar 25, 2022

Hosted TFS on LicenseChest is coming Q1 2022. Any news, as we kinda are at the end of Q1 2022…?

Post on Jan 22, 2022

I've tried a search, and cannot find the alternatives & stop-gaps you mention.Any chance you can…

Post on Jan 22, 2022

More and more of our customers are refusing to disable Hypervisor, as on many new Windows 11 PCs it …

LTSC edition of Windows 10Answered

Post on May 11, 2022

We have just had a user have license issues when using a LTSC edition of Windows 10.Are such issues …

Search for licenses with VM Enabled

Post on Jan 16, 2022

Is this possible to add to the website Search?

Post on Jan 5, 2022

We need a way to search all licenses for VM Enabled.Can you please add that to the ‘Search’ opti…

Hypervisior/VM & Core isolationAnswered

Post on Dec 31, 2021

We have just had a user inform us that to disable all Hypervisor/VM operation ‘Core isolation, Mem…

Issue with 'Search for product keys'Solved

Post on Nov 21, 2021

I am trying to use the ‘Search for product keys’ option to list all license that have not yet be…

Difference between Revoke and Delete?Answered

Post on Nov 1, 2021

Simple question, but I've not been able to find a definitive answer. Other than the fact a Revoked …