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Open Source Licensing

Post on Nov 24, '13

Hi Wyatt, The company I am doing this due dilligence for has some very specific needs. Is it possi…

Post on Nov 20, '13

Is the open source portion of the client freely distributable if it has been modified or does it nee…

Existing Software Install Base

Post on Nov 20, '13

Thank you so much for the clarification on this! Harry.

Post on Nov 18, '13

Sorry I'm not trying to be difficult. Just trying to understand by reading. You're basically sayin…

Post on Nov 17, '13

Hi Wyatt, I have read this document and I have gone through step 6 but I don't see how someone wou…

Post on Nov 7, '13

Where can I read more back this so that I can run some tests?

Post on Nov 6, '13

Thanks for the response. Is it possible to have them install WyUpdate on their machines from a web…

Post on Nov 6, '13

Hello, I am interested in using your product to update my existing software base. The problem is…