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VistaMenu isn't editable in designer, also small suggestion


Hello I recently found the vista menu control by looking up how to get a native style for menustrip and toolstrip.

however I was wondering why can't I use the designer to add, remove, and edit items from the vista menu?


is there a way that can be fixed?I am using windows 7 home 64 bit and visual studio 2017.

also for the small suggestion is it possible to disable merge of the vista menu in a mdi child?


Jun 24, '19permalink

You can, using the main menu. The "VistaMenu" control is just a thin helper to add icons to that "native" menu.

Don't use MenuStrip. That's a completely different control.

Jun 30, '19permalink


there doesn't seem to be a clear way to set the icons of a mainmenu control even with the vistamenu

Jul 17, '19permalink