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Licenses per user SaaS


Good day,

We are working on creating a payroll program that will bill our customers on the number of active users created. It is built in Codeignitor.

How do I create LimeLm to create licenses and billing information under that type of system?

2 Questions

Does wyBuild work with PHP Program? Can I automatically update my Php software?

Jun 23, '16permalink

You can add auto-updating to anything. It will be harder to do from PHP. See: http://wyday.com/wybuild/help/walkthrough.php

As far as adding licensing to PHP, again it's harder. You need to create a PHP extension, and then add TurboActivate to that extension and call the functions from your PHP code: http://wyday.com/limelm/help/using-turboactivate-with-c-plus-plus/

Jun 23, '16permalink