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Feature Request: Add First Activation to TurboActivate & WebAPIAnswered


We are leveraging LimeLM full license keys & features for trials, this is ideal for us as we can control/change the functionality & parameters to enable in our product so we can customise each trial if helps us make the sale.

At the moment we use the "update_expires" custom field as the Trial Expiry, this works well, we set the date to 14 days after the creation of the License Key so customers have to complete their trial before then,

It would be nice (not urgent) if the trial start was based on when they first install the license key, something not possible unless we exposed some WebAPI to do this (which then has it's own restrictions and drawbacks).

A simple thing that I think would benefit our scenarios and most likely some others is the ability to obtain the date/time of the first activation via Turbo Activate and the WebAPI, i.e. an attribute on the Activations Element.

This date/time would be trusted as it's generate from the LimeLM server and would provide a great reference point for the installation/use of the License Key.

Not a priority, but something to add to the end of the feature request list 😉

Nov 28, '13permalink

We'll consider this.

Nov 30, '13permalink


Sorry to dig up this very old post, but we're in the exact same situation where we want some keys to expire 14 days after they were first activated instead of basing ourselves on the creation date.

It doesn't seem possible to this day to access the first activation date from the app, will you add that feature in the future ?

In the meantime is it fine to use the extra activation data for this ?

Nov 15permalink
Nov 15permalink