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VistaMenu and checked items


Hello,I tried to show checked MenuItem with icon, It shows only check-mark, but not icon.I want to show icon with blue (checkbox) border (see picture - http://s15.postimg.org/71yq2dlor/menu_example.png).Could you fix it, please?

Thanks very much.

Sep 9, '13permalink

That's not valid Windows behavior. You're free to add it if you want, but you'll have to do custom drawing. In other words, it defeats the entire purpose of the "VistaMenu" -- namely, to have good looking menus that use the Windows system drawing rather than crummy looking "custom" drawing.

Sep 9, '13permalink

I didn't know that Windows doesn't support it. Screenshot above is from open-source Miranda NG (C++), and it looks exactly like native menu. So I will try to find how to do it.

Sep 10, '13permalink