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Activation ErrorAnswered

Hi, I have some problem in customer computer.

when I tried to active the software, i got Activaiton error message.

I did all the updates of the windwos(11) and tried to update network adapters, and still get the error.

I add photo of the error message 


Thank you,



tried to update network adapters

Please actually update all network adapters.

Also, sometimes customers install the wrong adapter drivers for the actual hardware and Windows (dumbly) lets this happen. So, also verify the customer hasnt't done anything dumb like that.

Lastly, after updating TA< updating Windows, and actually updating the network adapters, if they're still having problems, have them run this in PowerShell and then you can help them fix whatever physical adapters are either missing a MAC or are incorrectly reporting as not a physical adapter:

Get-WmiObject -Class "Win32_NetworkAdapter" | Where-Object -Property PhysicalAdapter -eq True | Format-List -Property Name,PhysicalAdapter,MacAddress