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Offline deactivation fail to save fileAnswered


I'm building a powershell script to facilitate the offline deactivation. But, the TurboFloatserver fails to save the response file. Any idea why it the issue ? Can't find what is this “Error code 0x2” means.

$DesktopPath = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop")
$DeactivationXml = "DeactivationRequest.xml"
$DeactivationFilePath = "$DesktopPath\$DeactivationXml"
& "C:\Program Files\myapp\Licensing\TurboFloatServer\TurboFloatServer.exe" -deact="$DeactivationFilePath", '-pdets="..\Server\TurboActivate_myApp.dat"', '-config="TurboFloatServer-config-myApp.xml"'

Error reported:

2022-12-20, 13:25:03 <error>: Failed to save the deactivation request file.

2022-12-20, 13:25:03 <error>: Error code 0x2. Contact support or your system administrator.

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The error is telling you exactly what's happening:

Failed to save the deactivation request file.

So, either the path is bad (hardcode a path, get things working, then start developing from there.

OR you never provided a product key. Or you've already deactivated.

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