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License reset with each Windows updateAnswered

I got a customer on Windows 11 with TPM enabled in BIOS, reporting that licensing gets reset with every Windows update. That sounds pretty inconvenient. 

Is there anything I can do about this?

Nov 20permalink

Are they on a VM (or cloud environment)? That’s the only thing that could explain it.

Nov 20, edited Nov 20permalink

“Windows 10 Home version and was updated to Windows 11 Home. Ever since then I am experiencing resets after every Windows 11 update comes along that include security updates with it. Otherwise small daily Defender Virus updates occur with no issues.”

Nov 21permalink

OK. Then it's almost certainly a programmer error. Follow the example code and use the latest version of TurboActivate.

Still having problems? Post enough information so we can help you.

Nov 21, edited Nov 21permalink