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"cannot connect to license server" for older TA versionAnswered

Hi support,

We have been using LimeLm for many years and some of our old versions have of course old versions of TA (such as v.3.4.6 from 2014). Even though this is a very old version it has not been any problem to activate before, but recently this year 2022 it is no longer possible.

Our newer software versions have of course newer versions of TA that works well. But the problem is that the versions we have sold 5-10 years ago suddenly do not work to activate again ("cannot connect to license server"). We have no possibility to update TA for our old versions since they are compiled using old compiler versions no longer at hand.

This is a message from one customer regarding this:


“When we run installed and previously registered the software, there is a message "cannot connect to license server". There was no change on our side. Has something changed on your license server side?

The installation was activated last fall and worked in spring 2022. When I use a network monitor to check network traffic, I see a  connection attempt to wyday.com [] over HTTP. 

The response is: Moved permanently, URL: /limelm/api/rest/ 

There are no other connection attempts or data exchange after that.”


So, I am wondering if it has something to do with the  Moved permanently, URL: /limelm/api/rest/ response? Is it possible that the versions/builds for the old versions do not redirect to the specified URL? 


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Very old versions used HTTP (and send an encrypted blob over HTTP). Version 4.0 an onward use HTTPS (and send an encrypted blob over HTTPS).

The solutions are:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of TA.
  • Or use offline activation for customers on very old versions of TA.
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Thank you for prompt answer!

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