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Is there an auto deletion option for expired trial licenses?Solved

Is there an auto deletion option for expired hardware-locked trial licenses or do I have to search for expired licenses manually to delete them? The trial hardware-locked licenses cannot be used on the same PC more than once anyway, or am I missing a point? thanks a lot in advance.

Nov 14permalink

Verified trials cannot be deleted by design.

Why? Because if you deleted it, the customer could start a new fresh trial. And keep doing that every time you deleted it when it expired.

So, what you're seeing is not only a record of the past, but also a way to extend existing expired trials, and prevent customers from “wiping the machine” to attempt to get a new trial (they can't because our system stores the fingerprint on our servers in a way you can see).

Nov 15, edited Nov 15permalink

It makes sense thanks.

Nov 15permalink