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product key is revoked but the product key is still validSolved

As I am a new user, I am trying to understand all features. So I am sorry if it is stupid question.
I am using LimeLM example.py file on my macOS. I have activated a product key, and then I revoked it from LimeLM website.

In that point, I was expecting that following method would return false:

print(ta.is_product_key_valid()) but unfortunately still returns true.

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance.


1-I put print(ta.is_product_key_valid()) method right after:

gen_r = ta.is_genuine_ex(DAYS_BETWEEN_CHECKS, GRACE_PERIOD_LENGTH, True)

2-Instead of revoke, I also tried deactivation(ta.deactivate)  but  print(ta.is_product_key_valid()) is still true.

Reference:This product key is revoked. This means that this product key can no longer be used. The next time the TA_IsGenuine() or TA_IsGenuineEx() TurboActivate functions are called in your app, and if the function successfully contacts the activation servers, then users with this product key will be automatically deactivated. (I have also contact to server, because If I activate or deactivate my product key from my example.py file, then I can observe it from LimeLM website.)

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I’d say the best place to start is with the example and example article. Copy the example mostly verbatim and you’ll be fine.

is_product_key_valid() checks locally not remotely.

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