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Background Updating


Our company has a need to roll out updates to a Windows Service. The service is an internal .NET app, running on a few hundred Windows 7 client machines.

Some features sought:- Control the updates centrally- Log update status centrally- Update as a Windows Service, without user interaction/awareness- Roll "beta" updates out to a select number of client machines- Keep a database of the client machine names, along with their version history

Taking a look at the wyUpdate source, it's Windows Forms application rather than a service. It looks nice and clean. Maybe we could extend it to support these features.


Feb 11, '13permalink

We already support updating services from services (see: How to Silently update a Windows Service), but we welcome any improvements.

Feb 12, '13permalink

That's in wyBuild, which doesn't appear to be open source. wyDay has many of the features we're looking for, but there are some gaps. Do you offer consulting services to help fill those?

Feb 12, '13permalink

The help article is for wyUpdate. wyUpdate does the actual updating. wyBuild just creates the updates. But you don't even need to use wyBuild to create the updates. If you have time to spare (and are a glutton for punishment) you can build the updates by hand by using the file specifications.

Feb 12, '13permalink

To tell you the truth, I am a bit concerned about a custom solution becoming a black hole.

Maybe there's some way to use the built-in wyBuild functionality. The main challenges I see are 1. Reporting back to Central on the update status of all machines2. The ability to pick and choose the machines that receive a particular update.

I could spec out what we need, and send it to you, if that's something wyDay might take on. I'm sure your company, being familiar, could craft something in half the time we could. The new functionality would stand a better chance of becoming part of the core product too.

Feb 15, '13permalink

Some of the things you list we do plan to do, some we already do, some we plan to make easier, and 1 we will never do:

- Keep a database of the client machine names, along with their version history

But we're always happy to accept outside development.

Feb 19, '13permalink