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wybuild.cmd.exe building wyUpdate fails on AWSAnswered


We are trying to automate “Build wyUpdate” generation step on an AWS instance, but we have issues with it.

The output of wybuild.cmd.exe includes:

[Error]: The sign key for the updates is invalid. You can fix this in File → Properties → Signing. Full error: The system cannot find the file specified.

Our investigations lead us to think it's because of RSACryptoServiceProvider throwing an exception because the headless ec2 instance we are using is not capable of accessing the user profile key store.. 

Do you have any pointers to make this succeed?

Oct 19permalink

The error is telling you what's going wrong. You've input an invalid update signing key. Follow the error's directions.

Oct 20permalink

I don't think so :(. The same project with the same command runs fine my windows machine. It's only on a remote instance that this error occurs.

Also, the error says The system cannot find the file specified, as far as I can see, the key is embedded in the project file, there's nothing more to read (?)

Oct 21permalink

That's a separate, different error. When moving projects you also have to move *all* of the files used to build the updates (all the files for all the versions of your app).

Oct 21permalink

If we create a graphical session to the headless server, then all works well. Even if then we close the graphical session. It seems windows doesn't load some things until the graphical session is created, and wyBuild needs those to be loaded in order to load keys.

Oct 21permalink