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Testing wyUpdate on a test server

Is there a way to deploy wyUpdate to a test server so that no changes are needed afterwards to deploy it to production? E.g. say my site is example.com and my test server is test.example.com. Can I deploy to test.example.com and have the test product automatically update? I've found an option to override the server that wyUpdate initially checks (i.e. the wyserver.wys file), but since that file points to example.com, it then tries to download the patches from example.com instead of test.example.com.

Production (correct):

  1. Get wyserver.wys file from production
  2. Get the patch file from production

Test (incorrect):

  1. Get wyserver.wys file from test
  2. Get the patch file from production

Is there a way to also override where the patch files are downloaded from without uploading a different version of the wyserver.wys file?

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You can use variables to adjust at runtime where files are retrieved from: https://wyday.com/wybuild/help/comandvars.php

Thanks for your reply!

I know I can do wyUpdate.exe -server="https://test.example.com/updates/wyserver.wys", but can I override the URLs in the retrieved wyserver.wys file with a command line option? Since the same wyserver.wys file will get deployed to production after it passes testing, I can't have different versions for test and production because that would invalidate the test.

Currently, it fetches the wyserver.wys file from the test server, but then the wyserver.wys file points it to production where it fails to update because it's only deployed on test, not on production yet.

Inside wyserver.wys it has:

1.0 https://example.com/updates/product.1.0.to.1.2.wyu
1.1 https://example.com/updates/product.1.1.to.1.2.wyu
1.2 https://example.com/updates/product.all.to.1.2.wyu

I would like to be able to change https://example.com/updates/ to https://test.example.com/updates/ without changing product.1.0.to.1.2.wyu, product.1.1.to.1.2.wyu, or product.all.to.1.2.wyu, and without rebuilding the file, i.e. with a command line option (or programmatically which is how I'm overriding the server at the moment). Is this possible?