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Custom wyUpdate fails to update as part of updateAnswered


I have created a custom version of the wyUpdate, and followed this tutorial to create its own build.


Running wyUpdate.exe on itself updates, and running wyUpdate.exe on my main app will also updates as expected but soon as I run my app hooked up with my custom wyUpdate.exe an error occurs when attempting to update wyUpdate.

An error occurred, Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load. 

Could not find file 'Could not find file 'C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Temp\w4094\wyserver.wys'.

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It sounds like an anti-virus is intercepting the file and removing it before it can be used.

If you're building your own wyUpdate, then it must be code-signed with EV certs.

Also, we do not support custom wyUpdate builds.

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Actually, the error given was a red herring to the underlying issue.

The wyBuild.wyp for the wyUpdate.exe can only contain the wyUpdate.exe.

I had an .txt in the .wyp to test that something was deployed, as I don't have an updated version of our base wyUpdate.exe to test with at the moment (although created a dummy one for now).

Anyway, it throws an exception when it tries to clean up the unpacking of the updtdetails.udt. As the base folder will contain the wyUpdate.exe and the .txt. As it expects the folder to be empty after deleting the wyUpdate.exe it throws an exception when trying to delete the directory and it isn't empty.

That exception then gets eaten and then resurfaces itself up higher in the flow with the error I pasted above!

And I guess for anyone coming here looking to debug the wyUpdate part of the update, I found adding a MessageBox.Show in the check for “supdf” in the frmMain.cs will essentially pause the app until you press ok given you time to re-attach the debugger for the next execution. 

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