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Still supported?

I'm taking over on a project that previous used wyBuild sometime in the near past for updating. Now when I try to use it, wyBuild can't seem to connect to our FTP servers. wyBuild also appears to fail upon trying to “Check for Updates” for itself, which I figure isn't a good sign.

I'd really like to get wyBuild working for my project again, but I haven't seen any indication as to why it keeps timing out on connecting to my FTP servers or even why it fails to update itself.

Sep 13permalink

Yes, it's still supported.

Much more information is needed.

Sep 14permalink

I've been having trouble having wyBuild connect to a couple FTP servers that I'm attempting to use as both Download and Upload servers. Originally, I started with a single Ubuntu FTP server, I can log into it via other FTP programs such as FileZilla and Cyberduck, but when given the same port, username and password into wyBuild as an Upload website, it doesn't want to connect via the “Connect” button. Instead it gives me a timeout message such as: “Failed to connect to <ip>:<port> within timeout 120000 ms”. 

I also attempted to use a Windows FTP server, which I confirmed I can also log into via FileZilla and Cyberduck. I get the exact same timeout message. After reading through the walkthrough I noticed the paragraph talking about how if the server isn't capable of accepting FTP uploads, you can use any 3rd party uploader, so I attempted to use Cyberduck to stage the uploads within a folder. Then I added this to the download sites page on wyBuild. Then rebuilt wyUpdate and built updates. Then when attempting to run the wyUpdate, I still get "Error trying to save file: Error downloading "ftp://<user>:<pass>@<ip>/Updates/wyserver.wys": Unable to connect to the remote server", of course with user, pass and ip replaced with mine. For the record, I made my /Updates/ folder on the FTP server contain all of the files within the local Updates folder that is created with wyBuild's “Build updates” function.

Then, as mentioned before I attempted to use wyBuild's “Check for Updates” under the help command, it checks for a few seconds and then I get a pop up saying, "Error trying to save file: Error downloading "http://wyday.com/files/wyupdate/updates/designer.wys": The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."

Any pointers for getting wyBuild and wyUpdates to work?

Sep 14permalink

I was able to get it to work with an S3 Bucket. Now I've also acquired some old files from our update server that is no longer active. I wanted to get these loaded up so I can know exactly what the old installation looked like. I have all the old update files and the wyserver file that used to be located on our update server. I would like to see if I can get these staged locally or on my S3 bucket so that I can pull whatever version we had on there, but the wyserver file seems to ONLY point to the old update server, is there any way to update an old wyserver file to change the download site from the old one to my new one?

Sep 15permalink

Yeah, you need to rebuild the updates with the new server addresses.

Sep 17permalink