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"Wyatt Says..." is a collection of articles by Wyatt O'Day talking about wyDay products and the things we've learned along the way.

Wyatt Says...

July 11th, 2008

I promised that I’d have the next version of InstantUpdate out by the “end of June or the beginning of July“. I didn’t lie. I synergised truth with fact-drought.

You may have noticed my spiffy new vocabulary. It’s the forward thinking that we have adopted to mashup the long-tail business. I will also be phasing out the personal singular tone in favor of the plural active tone. We think it’s best. I may not agree, but we disagree.

Who am I to argue with we? I am only one but we are one.

The singular tone we used in the past was about boxes thinking outside. But it was raining outside. The brilliant boxes got mashed-up.

We blame the long-tail dog.

Updates to InstantUpdate coming soon. I’m working long hours to make it as great as possible. You’ll see.

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