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JTF — Just the Forum

JTF is a super fast, very secure forum software made for the real world. Namely, it can handle bots, spammers, and racists.

We'll release the source code after we've finished the "2.0" features and made the installer idiot-proof.

It will require php 7.4 (or newer), MySQL 8.0 (or newer / spin-off like Percona Server), Redis 6.x, and Solr 8.x. If any of those requirements annoy you because you read an article on "hacker" "news" about how php is the worst and how anyone who chooses MySQL over PostgreSQL is a bad programmer, then you can kindly leave. You're wrong, and you're not worth the energy to convince otherwise.

We’ll also have a hosted JTF version when we release the source code. Why? Because even great software is hard to deploy updates for. We want to give customers the option to just host a community easily.

Also, if our flippant attitude towards lazy, cargo-cult, developers turns you off, then JTF is not for you.

Out soon (eventually)

For everyone else: welcome! The source code will be out when it's out (subscribe to our blog to be notified). Don't ask us when it will be out, we'll just link you back here (if we respond at all).

In the meantime, admire our fine work over at our support forum where JTF is being "dog-fooded".