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Grouped rollout of updates


I was wondering what your thoughts are on the best way to selectively rollout updates? That is to say; currently when I upload a new version, all clients start updating. I'd like to add a mechanism to do this grouped, to manage possible bugs better and lesser the load on our servers.

This could be done by using a pre-selection mechanism in our software that checks whether it's up for updating, then runs the wyupdater (everything is headless by the way).

But perhaps you have another suggestion?

Nov 8, '19permalink

I am also interested to know if it possible to implement - Grouped rollout of updates.


Feb 10, '20permalink
Feb 11, '20permalink

Hey all,

We are rolling this out now too. We are going a similarish; set the update server URL to an endpoint we control instead of S3, and then have the server selectively send the right file.

We are doing this in order to have a release, beta, and test channels, as well as deprecate our XP version while still leaving the possibility for updates to it.

If you have any questions, let me know

Feb 27, '20permalink

I am interested in doing a similar thing. I would like to release an update to a group of beta customers. I only want the beta customers to see that these is an update available. I don't want other customers to see that there is an update available until later when the group is expanded to include all customers for the final release. 

My thought is to use the same approach as outlined in https://wyday.com/wybuild/help/limit-updates.php, except use with the url that returns system.wys. Will that work? The limit-updates article describes using an updates site url including extra parameters and creating a web service to return the update file or not based on the parameters.

Can you use the same approach with the server file url and return a different server.wys depending on the parameters? e.g. http://example.com/limit-updatecheck/?update=%file%&pkey=%urlargs%

Would the first parameter still be “update=%file%” or is it different for the server file?


Jun 19permalink