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Developer job overview

  1. United States only (U.S. citizens only currently)

  2. Remote from anywhere in the U.S.

  3. Fair salary

  4. Health benefits

  5. Interesting, and challenging problems to solve

wyDay Developer Job Description

Who we are: wyDay makes 2 big products: LimeLM and wyBuild. LimeLM is a licensing solution for Windows, macOS, and Linux. And wyBuild is an updating and installer solution exclusively for Windows. The languages these products are written in is varied (C/C++ are the biggest languages, C# probably the next biggest, PHP, and then a smattering of other languages depending on the tool, library, or need we have). Check out our website with an overview of the 2 products:

What we're looking for: A flexible, focused, creative and smart programmer with a strong sense of motivation. Specifically:

  1. You want to be a full-time employee and you’re comfortable with and efficient at working from home (and preferably has experience with working from home). Our company doesn’t have a centralized office – we might sometime in the future, but we’ll still work around employees that work from home.

  2. You’ll have a place to work consistently Monday – Friday (whether it’s a quiet apartment or a noisy coffee shop) that’s best environment for you to work comfortably and productively.

  3. You can be available by chat/slack/skype during the afternoon time on the East Coast of the U.S. (Note: you don’t necessarily have to live in the East Coast of the U.S.)

  4. You have experience in C/C++ and maybe some other languages (C/C++ is a great basis to learn other languages as you need them). You’ll be working mostly with LimeLM / TurboActivate / TurboFloat and any other spin-off products. So, you’ll primarily be writing in C/C++ and PHP. You’ll also need SQL experience (something that’s learnable on-the-job).

  5. You’re truly a self-starter (meaning we don’t have to feed you tasks to do) with common sense. We’ll have broad checklist of things to do, we’ll have short term goals and longer term goals, and we’ll have things that just need to get done but aren’t necessarily on any checklist. You’re the kind of person that doesn’t need to need to wait for direction, you’ll just move on to the next task at hand.

What’s great about working for wyDay:

  1. You’d have a large amount of latitude about how you choose to solve problems, the tools you use, the tools you create- our culture is flexible and freewheeling but still focused on a great end result.

  2. The code you write will immediately touch millions of end-users world-wide. No more toiling in obscurity, alone and unappreciated.

  3. You can retire your collection of Dockers or uncomfortable high heels. How and where you do your work- and what you wear- is up to you. Forget fancy offices that are designed to seem hip- we don’t make you go to work, we bring work to you.

If this sounds great to you, email us at and tell us a bit about yourself (i.e. experience, projects you’re proud of, any open source projects you’ve worked on if applicable, etc.). Please attach your resume so we know you’re real and not a robot or a really-accomplished zombie.